Our Project

~Aonogahara (Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture, JAPAN)~

A century ago there lived POWs of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, on whose life little ink has been spilt.


Our exhibition will cross a bridge of friendship between Japan and Austria.

A CENTURY AFTER POW CAMP AONOGAHARA in the Lower Austria Museum in Sankt Pölten will show you their photos, letters, belongings, art works, and craftworks. A series of exhibition and events are designed to take the hidden story to the world and promote amicable relations and cross-fertilisation of the two countries.

The encounter with the POWs brought their cultures into Japan, a good example of which is the concerts often held by the detained soldiers in the camp.

Now a lot of Japanese students are studying in Vienna, the city of music.

Thus we have organised a cultural tour focusing on the music played by the POWs in Aonogahara or related to the both countries.

Hoping this project to mark the start of a new phase – a century after WWI – in the friendship of Japan and Austria, we are constantly striving to further deepen the cross-cultural communication.



13 June Public lecture by Prof. Emeritus OTSURU Atsushi
(Kitano Garden, Kobe)
17 June Official Website launched

Start accepting Austria tour application
Press conference (Kasai, Hyogo Pref.)

17th August Concert in Kasai

Executive Committee visiting Vienna and Sankt Pölten

3rd week Public lecture and concert (Kobe University)
19th October LFEC jumble sale and charity concert (Kobe)
31th October Public lecture and concert (Kobe University Music Hall)

November(in Vienna)
24th November Japan-Austria 150th Anniversary Concert (Wiener Musikverein)→Infomation Here!

26th November Japan-Austria Exchange Programme: Thank You Austria Concert (Vienna)

28th November A CENTURY AFTER POW CAMP AONOGAHARA Opening Ceremony and Concert (Sankt Pölten)

Exhibition and Concert (Kasai)

Presented by A CENTURY AFTER POW CAMP AONOGAHARA Executive Committee,Kasai-shi
Under the Auspices of Aonogahara POW Camp Preservation Society
Assisted by Sereno Music Office